Stephanie Assadumage

Stephanie Assadumage from Wellbeing Health Professionals is an ESSA and SIRA Accredited Exercise Physiologist, graduating with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at UNSW. Since graduating in 2020, Stephanie has been working in a community-based setting in several medical centres and gyms across Sydney. Stephanie is passionate about holistic health and empowering patients to live a balanced lifestyle through management and prevention of chronic disease and pain.
Her sessions are patient-centred and she individualises her education and exercise prescription so the patient feels at ease and the benefits are long-lasting. She is known by others to be warm and nurturing and hopes to have her patients leave her sessions feeling supported and inspired to better their health.
Growing up, Stephanie engaged in professional dance training of various styles and is passionate to share her love of movement with others. Areas of Exercise Physiology she wishes to pursue further include Mental Health, Metabolic Health, Womens’ health and emerging areas in research such as the gut microbiome and the mind-body connection.
Current services provided by her include but are not limited to;

Metabolic Services (Chronic Disease Management):

– Consultation focusing on stress, sleep, diet and exercise management for all metabolic diseases.
– Exercise prescription for individuals with hypertension, CAD, T2D, weight loss, cancer, asthma and many more.
– Guided lifestyle management for individuals with mental health conditions such as generalised anxiety and depression.

Musculoskeletal services:

– Treatment of pain and injuries through corrections of muscular imbalances using active strengthening and passive range of motion techniques.
– Correction of movement patterns using gait analysis and functional movement corrections.
– Balance and strength training exercise programs for elderly population and neurological impairment.
Work cover:
– Treating acute and chronic injury patients through exercise rehabilitation.