Bulk Billing

The Centre Medical Practice is a Bulk Billing Practice. Patients without a valid Medicare or DVA card will need to pay a private consultation fee. Private consultation fees are same as respective Bulk Billing rates.

Following fees apply to some of the medicals that are not covered by Medicare and privately billed at the time of consultation,

Certain private medical examinations – $100.00
Fees may be charged for certain vaccines and other medical services.

Work Related

If your visit is as a result of work related injury, you need to inform the reception staff and attending doctor. Work related consultations and treatment will be billed to the employer or the insurance company involved

Where fees apply, we accept Cash, Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard only.
For further information, please speak to our friendly staff.

Allied Health Services

There may be GAP payments and most of the services are covered if there is a valid enhanced primary care (EPC) plan. Patients are encouraged to speak to our Doctors / staff / Allied Health Specialists prior to commencing Allied Health Services.